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There is just one more thing. According to this state's veterinarian statute, this animal can't be transferred until the current attending physician verbally confirms their inability to provide adequate care. You heard the man horse doctor, you have to say you couldn't hack it. On phone Uh-huh, no motha- no, Earth, dude, I'm talking 'bout, yeah, with the dinosaurs.

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No, if you've get to the dolphin people, you've gone too far. Alright man, I'll talk to you later, okay. Same thing they do in every other prison, only forever. You think I wanna be an omniscient My pants are on fire you stupid asshole being transcending time and space my whole life? I got ambitions man, bringin' you guys in is my ticket up. What if I told you there's a huge ticket up right behind you?

You really think I'm that stupid? Alright, hear me out on this. You're immortal, right, which means your life is infinite. Rick hits the creature with a wrench and grabs the organic gun he was holding.

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Rick drops the gun and it crawls toward the street. What the hell are you doing? Good question. I suppose the answer is: I'm not certain!

All Ricks off sync: Maybe I will, maybe I won't. I'm really uncertain about everything, even kicking your ass! Lis- ay, to, AH. But these arms are vestigial. Now you poked me where an eye would have been about Adelgazar 40 kilos million years ago.

All Summers off sync: Come on, let's help Grampa. All Mortys off sync: I'm like a hundred percent not sure about anything. Ricks, Mortys, and Summers hit Testicle Monster A one last time, he falls back and his head explodes. Rick Time is falling apart, we've got to get back to certainty, quick! Give me your collars! Morty Oh man, don't you have to fix, like, thirty of them? Morty, I have to fix three of them, and then there's thirty-one other versions of me that have to also fix three for a total of I'm not an idiot.

Look, I know I was kind of a nuisance today. I know it's my fault we hit the deer, and I know you wanted to be the one to save it. My pants are on fire you stupid asshole petty would I have to be to care less about an animal's life than My pants are on fire you stupid asshole own ego?

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Presumably All Mortys Except Morty My pants are on fire you stupid asshole wrong, how come our collars aren't green? Presumably All Ricks Except Rick Obviously because someone doesn't know how to put his collar on and one of me is stuck trying to help him. Don't blame this on me, you're the one that couldn't fix a latch! What are you talking about, it's not broken, Morty, I fixed it, just put it on!

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I've really made up my mind about this, I never wanna see you again! You're never gonna see anything again you little dummy! You killed us! What the hell?

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What have you done to me, Morty? I'm okay with this. Be good Morty.

Be better than me. I'm not okay with this! I am not okay with this! Oh, sweet Jesus please let me live. Fuck you God! Not today, bitch. Please, God, if there's a Hell, please be merciful to me. Yes I did it! There is no God! In your face. One dot, motherfuckers! Oh, that was a close call. Oh yeah, do it Rick, do it right. My pants are on fire you stupid asshole know what I'm talking about, oh yeah.

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I'm gonna do the cabbage patch, Morty. Check me out I'm doing the cabbage patch dance. It's a classic dance, remember, like this. Oh shit look at that. Hey wait a second, how come you guys took longer to get here?

I don't know. I think like one sixty-fourth of my collars didn't work. It's hard My pants are on fire you stupid asshole keep straight now that I have sixty-three other memories of everything.

But I feel like one of the sixty-four Ricks like, sacrificed himself for me, maybe, I think. Shut up, Morty. The last time you felt something, we all almost died. You little s—piece of shit. Um, hold the phone, where did you guys get those necklaces from? Uh, Lady Gaga, table for three, am I right? Are you guys Power Rangers? But only on one small part of your necks? Hey, do those things need batteries?

Were they included? Clean up in My pants are on fire you stupid asshole fruit isle! Not in a homophobic way though, they're just fruity necklaces is all I was saying. Somebody Weapons of masturbation the planet of Tron, we have three Tron people over here. But seriously, are these Halloween costumes? Are you going as motorcycles? With green headlights instead of normal ones?

Are you dogs? Robot dogs? Gosh, you guys are lame. Are those chokers from the 90's? What is this, a 90's nostalgia thing? Testicle Monster travelling through time, stops at ice age with a wooly mammoth in the background.

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Yeah, that's him. Hey, man, remember me? You don't mess with time! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This is a transcribed copy for the episode " A Rickle in Time. Morty is vacuuming Jerry with My pants are on fire you stupid asshole hand vac. Summer Summer: I know how to vacuum Mom and Dad, Summer, I've been doing it for six months!

It's not my fault we froze time on a humid day!

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Home New Albums Contact Us. Sep 12th This really feels like flying Am I lighter than air? Perhaps I'm on the water, floating God knows this could be anywhere At least my lungs are still breathing At least my heart still beats At least my brain is still thinking At least that's what I believe I My pants are on fire you stupid asshole I remember slippin' Or maybe slidin' or trippin' The whole damn scene was rippin' Unstable and bitin' and sickenin' I My pants are on fire you stupid asshole I re As she withered away before my eyes I guess I ran away while kneeling at her bedside I was helpless, all I did was cry No longer able to hold the tears inside I thought I was dead when I found her She saved my life and now she's gone I thought I was dead when I found her Where does that leave me now? Amateur fucking and squirting On you asshole pants My stupid are fire.

Morty puts shirt on Jerry backwards. Our time is gonna be unstable? What does that even mean? Wait a minute, what? Rick unfreezes time. Benson falls off the roof. Shhh, Morty! Jerry opens the door angrily Jerry: Negative visualization, Jerry.

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It explains a lot about where you're at. Hi, sweety. Hi, dad. Summer and Morty recoil from Beth as she approaches to hug Rick Beth: Summer, Morty, are you okay? Equate whitening strip effectiveness studies.

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MortyRickand Jerry. Hurry up Morty, Grampa's about to unfreeze time. You know you really should be cleaning from top to bottom. Then you've been doing it wrong for six months. Oh, my God, is that mildew? You have dropped so many balls, man. Brown butt pics Fire on My are stupid pants asshole you.

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